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My Epiphany on Guitar

Growing up, I listened to lots and lots of guitar based rock music every day.

Rock, Rockabilly, Psychobilly, Punk, Country, Blues, Indie – you name it!

I was absolutely captivated by the sound of the electric guitar and I was determined to play it.

But as soon as I started playing in bands, I quickly became aware of my limitations and how apparently talented other guitar players were compared to me.

They could solo much better than I could and it seemed like there was a world of difference between their playing and what I was doing.

Although I could play fairly well, I knew deep down that my lack of fretboard knowledge was my biggest flaw.

I had spent considerable time learning the pentatonic shapes but I didn’t fully understand how they worked.

I knew it was holding me back.

I could play solos and licks note for note but I couldn’t see how they had been created or how to build great solos for myself.

I had to learn everything from memory, which meant I couldn’t improvise properly.

I also felt like there was a lot more music inside me which I couldn’t access and thought I was so far behind everyone else, that I had to do something about it.

My eureka moment came when I realised that I had spread my guitar learning far too thinly.

I was trying to play all the different guitar styles which I loved rather than focussing on one style and learning it deeply.

I decided to go back to the roots of guitar, as I noticed that the development of 20th century rock music was actually an evolution of guitar knowledge and technology.

Learning from the wide ranging perspective of a 21st century standpoint was making it a lot harder for me to grasp the key principles.

I chose to focus on rockabilly because it has always been my favourite style.

I then decided to use the internet to seek out world class teachers to help me master the style.

It took me several attempts to find the right mentors to be honest and I had a few dead ends with people who I am sure when I look back didn’t really understand the knowledge I was seeking.

Eventually though, through persistence, I ended up working with multiple excellent teachers and by focussing down on 50s rockabilly and early rock ‘n’ roll, I came to understand how the guitar worked.

And with consistent practice and guidance on theory and technique, it was soon possible for me to play the way I had always wanted to play.

It also became clear to me that a great part of what I had previously perceived to be other worldly guitar talent is in fact practical applied knowledge, based on key principles.

Anything is possible when you know how and amazingly, once you know how it is not even that difficult!

This has really helped me with performing and interacting with other musicians because I now know what I need to know.

I no longer feel inferior and have a sense of confidence in my playing which makes me feel like I have nothing to prove.

The key musical principles are transferable to other styles but I am sticking with rock and roll because I love it and have found plenty work in this area.

I have been able to apply this knowledge to propel my musical career forward and also teach others how to really understand how the guitar works and the techniques and practice routines needed to master it.

I actually feel it’s my moral obligation to share this knowledge with others as the more great rock and roll musicians we have in the world, the better in my opinion.

Tomorrow I am going to outline the key elements needed to master the guitar and the kind of player who will benefit most from this knowledge.

Meantime, you should join the Rock ‘n’ Roll guitar Facebook group to stay in touch. 

We do regular Zoom events and discussions for members and we have a great community of guitar learners here.